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i would like to find some kind of reference for herbs and stones and maybe even candles. you know, just a basic sort of listing that has what kinds of things they're used for and what kind of properties they have.

see, here's the thing, i sort of "came out" as a witch maybe a year ago. i say came out because i've always known that this is the path for me. but lately life has gotten in the way as it has a tendancy to do. between work, home/married life and dealing with my bi-polar on a daily basis i haven't made time for studies. but these past few weeks i've been feeling the ill effects of not following my path. so i'd like to start studying again but don't know where to start. i don't entirely feel comfortable with books on wicca because i feel wicca is a full religion and i don't want to go down that path. i want to find my own way. i've found that when i follow my instincts i'm headed in the right direction. but i have no tools and that's what i need. think like an earth witches reference. not a cookbook, but the tool used to create recipies.

does this make sense? i hope so. and i hope someone here can point me in some direction because right now i'm feeling very stuck.

blessed be.
~ cry
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i understand what your says , i my self am a herdarty witch and what i have been taught and what i belive it diffferent then the wiccan religion. the best books i found that i like the most it by Scott Cunningham . they are basic books but filled with alot of information that you can take it and use to what works best with you. his books are not about wicca but more or less about the tools you need and how to use them . i have many of his books and use them for a reference quit often. i hope this helps you out any more questions please feel free to ask.
I agree with the recommendation of Scott Cunningham.I have his herb book and it's very useful.I hear his other books are just as good.
oh yes they are all very good , each one with more information then the last one , i love his kitchen witchery book it is wonderful.
I've been to a website called "sacred circle" and they seem to know a ton about wicca, herbs, etc... you might want to try them and see if they could help you on your quest for knowledge!
Woops. Forgot to give you a link. Here is that site:
Another great book, which i use almost daily is "A Modern Herbal" by Mrs.M.Grieve, nothing to do with magick at all within the book, but gives you a fantastic understanding of the herbs and the best way to use