Araathwen (araathwen) wrote in craftofthewise,


I find it VERY disconcerting that there are a vast number of origonally benign symbols, especially runes that have been twisted and misused over the years.
Now, while I understand that Odinism is a favorite among white supremacists and the ilk, it is still highly upsetting to see somthing so.. so... *pure*(?) and somthing meant to be of a benift to humankind twisted and contorted to suit any given groups' context.
Unfortunately, this is not just common among the white supremacists and their ilk, history shows us that any and every " religion" can and WILL be twisted around to suit whoever is using it at the time.

At the very least, this web side says flat out that the symbols' ORIGIN was "such and such" and it has been ues and often contorted into " such and such" a use.
I guess that resports a little bit of my faith that not ALL people are ignorant twits. Esp a govornment agency.
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