dragonflower9 (dragonflower9) wrote in craftofthewise,

Dark Moon Prose

A Call to the Dark Lady

Dark Mother, Shadow Queen
Mistress of the Realms unseen
Cast your cloak of Darkness keen
A Crone's wisdom I wish to glean

By flight and fancy
In the Night
I turn to you O' Lady,
Lend me your sight
That I might follow you
On your magickal flight

In triple form you appear
Maiden, Mother, and the Crone
High up in the Heavens
Rests your throne
Where you can watch the lives
You've weaved and sewn
Like the spider
Spinning thread
And when it's cut
You receive the Dead
With loving arms you tuck
Them in their eternal bed.

With your magick,
You guide my dreams
And with your wisdom, I know
Things aren't always as they seem
Your power in the Darkness lies
Not in light or from Moon's beam

Darkness, Shadow, Spirit, Frolic!
Dance! Sing! Bless the Moon!
For dark She is now, but
The light is gaining soon.
So hear my call this night O' Crone
For I sing to you this Faery tune!

-Lady DragonFlower

Does anyone have anything special planned for the Dark Moon?
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