lucy_chronicles (lucy_chronicles) wrote in craftofthewise,

Signs, Signals and Seeing; SSS ?

Last week I sought outright signs from the gods, universe, spirits and such (attach your own nomenclature) reaffirming my path to move out of the country. Surprisingly a test person came first asking me to reaffirm, assure me that I wanted this "do you know what you're getting into as a woman moving overseas alone and to THAT area of the world?" etc. The second came as an immediate practical reaffirmation dealing w/ the TSA at the airport in some very obnoxious, unseemly and ludicrous situations starting standing right next to a couple of Middle Eastern descent speaking Farsi. It's interesting how answers come in different ways.

What have been some of yours? How did you call them/it and bring it about? Context and brief stories appreciated w/ a leaning of those recd outside of circle and ritual in the mundane world.

(posted in a few forums to solicit varied responses)
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