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Discussion of 'Avatar' - Cross post

It seems appropriate to discuss the movie Avatar given the nature of goddess worship, one-ness of nature and spirits depicted in the movie along with various community and other themes.

Frankly, I was preparing myself to be disappointed having read briefly a few newspaper reviews. Instead, I was blown away by the depictions, thought and history that was taken into account writing the screenplay alone. It is obvious James Cameron (writer, director et al.) studied Joseph Campbell's "Power of Myth" and anthropology along with history while creating this gorgeous work of visual art. Yes, other things could have been done differently but WOW, this is a HUGE commercial, massive work bringing so many different concepts and contexts to the world masses. How other to do it beyond in a Sci-Fi or some kind of Fantasy work? It certainly wouldn't receive the recognition sadly, if transmitted via other channels from history to documentary, biography to even science.

Basic question - why the hell isn't anybody talking about it/this, this way in the spiritual realm? Is it just another grave omission of the media purposely ignoring major stories? All i'm seeing in the mainstream media is the discussion of how much money it is making, ($1.6B current worldwide count) people becoming depressed and getting headaches due to the 3D effects and of course, a brief mention in my political blogs (not in the MSM) about the obvious parallels of the USA in multiple foreign wars. (Ask the Iraqi's if they still want us there and most of Afghanistan, Pakistan and even Japan now who is trying to force the US military bases to close getting off it's native land!)

So for anyone who has seen the film - thoughts/opinions/likes/dislikes? intelligent discussion preferred please. My only concern is that the goddess was depicted as ONE god = monotheist. There were spirits but only one god.

Bonus points that it/she was at least female. Yahoo Gaia! ;-)
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